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We charge Reproduction Fees for any publication of our images whether via printed or electronic means.
All material supplied by us is protected by © COPYRIGHT. You may not download or copy any of our material without our permission. Please contact us to agree fees before making use of our material.
Please read our Copyright page on this web site.

We do not charge search fees.

We only charge a Service Fee of 25.00 (30.00 for overseas orders) for supplying transparencies when you return all material to us unused.
We charge a Service Fee of 10.00 if you request a CD and do not use any images.

If the image you need is already scanned we make no charge for low resolution JPEGs.
If we have to scan images especially for you then we charge 5.00 per scan for low resolution JPEGs.
If you request a high resolution JPEG for publication we charge 25.00; but this charge is waived if you publish the image when we only charge reproduction fees.

We give you ONE FREE MONTH to view our photographs.
After this we charge you HOLDING FEES of 1.00 per month per photograph.
Contact us before the month is up if this gives you a problem.
We do not charge Holding Fees for CDs.

We use Special Delivery for the UK.  For overseas clients we use Signed For Airmail.
We are happy to use Courier Services and other forms of Express Delivery on request.

We give a DISCOUNT of 10% for short runs of less than 4,000 copies.
We also give DISCOUNTS for credits which quote the full name of the photographer followed by Images of Africa Photobank eg: DAVID KEITH JONES/IMAGES OF AFRICA PHOTOBANK
We give 10% if the credit is printed adjacent to the picture; 5% if printed in a table of credits.
Finally we give DISCOUNTS FOR QUANTITY; 5% for two pictures (in one publication), 10% for three pictures, 15% for four pictures, 20% for five or more pictures.
These Discounts can really add up: for example if you were to use 5 photographs in a short run and credit all pictures adjacent to the photographs the total discount would be over 35%!

You MUST inform us of any reprint or re-use of our photographs.  We will charge 50% of the normal fee if you use existing colour separations, scans or half-tones.  If you fail to inform us of a reprint or re-use we reserve the right to charge the full normal fee.  If you need the original to make new colour separations, scans or half-tones then we will give you a 20% discount.

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