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All images on this website are © copyright pictures

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All photographs supplied by Images of Africa Photobank are © Copyright images.

We charge fees for their reproduction which should be agreed before you publish our images.
This applies to original transparencies, duplicate transparencies, black and white prints, coloured prints and digital scans whether delivered by Email or on disc.
Most publishers throughout the world respect these laws; like other professional image libraries we will invoice any publisher who ignores our ownership of copyright and if necessary take legal proceedings against them.
Here is a summary of the main points of copyright:

  • No copyright photograph may be copied, scanned, manipulated, altered, stored digitally or otherwise, or used without the permission of the copyright owner or the photographer’s agent.
  • Photographers have the moral right to be credited as the author of a photograph and are entitled to assert that right.
  • Photographers hold copyright in their own work unless otherwise agreed.
  • The duration of copyright in the UK is now 70 years from the end of the year in which the creator dies.
  • Unauthorised use is an infringement of the copyright law.
  • Artists should understand that using a photograph as an artist’s reference or copying a photograph by artistic means is also a breach of copyright unless permission has been agreed.
  • It is the responsibility of the user or publisher to check that they have permission to reproduce and that the intended reproduction is within the terms agreed with the photographer or the photographer’s agent.

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